Demanding Recognition of First Nation Status for the Khoi San

– from Marjorie Jobson, guest blogger from Khulumani For the past six days, rain has poured down on the City of Tshwane (Pretoria). It is for these past six days, that Chief Khoisan SA and two of his people have waited patiently in the small encampment that they have set up close to the 9 metre… Continue reading Demanding Recognition of First Nation Status for the Khoi San

Honouring World Indigenous Day

August 9 is commemorated as International World Indigenous Day each year. We, the Cobuqua people, celebrate the resilience of Indigenous Peoples worldwide who have survived the ravages of colonialism for many decades.  In South Africa, the Khoi-San people suffered dispossession by European settlers, followed by their attempted enforced assimilation that resulted in the erasure of… Continue reading Honouring World Indigenous Day

Legislating our lives

As the government of South Africa prepares to review the governance of traditional leadership in the country, the Cobuqua people, in partnership with Khulumani Support Group, have submitted a brief on their concerns with the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Amendment Bill. We continue to express our reservation about the use of terminology such as… Continue reading Legislating our lives

South Africa is no different, Mr Bapela

Earlier this year in February, Deputy Minister Obed Bapela said that granting First Nation status to KhoiSan peoples was not possible. He made the comments in the context of a parliamentary committee hearing on the Traditional and KhoiSan Leadership bill. The deputy minister’s reasoning was that understandings of Indigenous rights were more appropriate to contexts… Continue reading South Africa is no different, Mr Bapela