Khoe San Land Summit


The Khoe San Land Summit took place in Gauteng in April in response to the debates around land that have been emerging from the question of expropriation and redistribution in South Africa. We have already expressed our concerns about the process proposed which entrenches the dispossession of the Cobuqua people in the Eastern Cape by consolidating the power of traditional leaders.

We endorse the final declaration of the Land Summit in Johannesburg that places the land question in its larger context of Indigenous history in southern Africa. It Is the product of discussions of many Indigenous people from across South Africa in our work to chart our future together, as South Africans invested in justice and true reconciliation.

Khoe-San Land Summit Declaration 27th April 2018



– Kwa-Eden Hotel and Conference

  1. We the Indigenous First Nation People (IFNP) in South Africa and Afrika, who attended the Khoe-San Land Summit at Kwa-Eden Hotel and Conference, in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa declare before God and man that we are the Indigenous First Nation People (IFNP) of the Land called South Africa, the continent of Africa and the world.
  2. We have resolved to address the injustices of the past, our Oppression and Dispossession that we will struggle to liberate our motherland which gave birth to Africa and Africans. We declare our right to freedom from colonialism, neo-colonialism, oppression, plunder and we stand against the violation of our rights to freedom, dignity and our humanness.
  3. We declare unapologetically and unambiguously that we have suffered at the hands of Colonialism, Capitalism (including the suffering at the hands of those who own Capital during colonialism, apartheid and democratic dispensation) as the colonial forces plundered and extracted our wealth and resources and caused us pain through genocide, extermination, ethnocide and currently forced assimilation.
  4. We declare that the colonisers raped our land to build Europe and the colonial countries and that we demand redress and justice.  We recognise and declare that the crime of colonialism and neo-colonialism be brought before the powers that be and that the British Crown, The Dutch and corporations like De Beers or the Oppenheimer’s and all other individuals/corporations who benefited unjustifiably from the wealth extracted from our land be held to account within a framework of restorative justice.
  5. We declare that our Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) are the property of the Indigenous First Nation People (IFNP) and as such must remain the property of the Indigenous People and should be returned where they have been stolen, misappropriate or exploited and commodified.
  6. We declare that we as the Indigenous First Nation People (IFNP) who have been dispossessed of the land be given back our rights over our land, in which we will fulfil the role as custodians of the world land and to use the Earth productively and address the rights to food security, medicine (health) and the dignity of life for all people of South Africa.
  7. We declare that the rights to water shall be protected through the values of Indigenous values and inherit within our indigenous values system and state of being. We declare that water is part and parcel of the ownership paradigm and this inclusive of the seas, air and should not be commodified and resold to people in general and the Indigenous First Nation People (IFNP) of South Africa in particular.
  8. We declare that the so called democratic dispensation has been unjust and discriminatory to the Indigenous First Nation People (IFNP) of the Earth by denying our indigeneity through the racist concept of “Black”, and less than African, and while we were made “other” in the land of our birth and the land of our ancestors.
  9. We declare that we reject the state as a construct that has sold the rights of the Indigenous First Nation People (IFNP) to the British Crown in terms of the rights of rightful ownership of land in direct relation to the First People status and the rights of humanity to land as a human right.
  10. We reject the continued racism and neo-colonialism that forms part and parcel of the state instruments like Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), Employment Equity (EE), Affirmative Action (AA), access to finance, access to land and access to the sea, air and dignity.
  11. We reject with contempt the imperial division of Africa by colonial forces of oppression through the Berlin Conference of 1884 as such decision was taken by the coloniser and imposed with violence, without the consent of the Indigenous First Nation People (IFNP) of South Africa and this to divide and conquer us, as the imperial powers plundered Africa and impoverished all the indigenous peoples.
  12. We declare that we will reclaim our humanness, our Africanness and our indigeneity and our right to self-governance outside the false construct of the state.
  13. We declare that we reject the state as an imposed body that governs us without our consent and is in congruence with the past colonisers, apartheid and the Capitalist elites of the present.
  14. We declare that we demand justice from the international instruments and bodies like the United Nations (UN), the International Criminal Courts (ICC), The African Union (AU) and the Indigenous Tribunals.
  15. We the Indigenous First Nation People (IFNP) declare that we are Human beings, Africans, Fathers and Mothers of Africa and believe in a human and spiritual existence that brings a better quality of life to all people, while bringing peace to society and protection of the earth including flora and fauna.

Signed and declared at Meredale, Johannesburg, Gauteng on this 27th day of April 2018

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