Charting a path ahead

President Ramaphosa recently met with the Council of Traditional Leaders and talked about the necessity of continued collaboration between the national government and traditional governments, especially in order to bring advancement to rural areas in the country. We agree that the implication of rural leaders is critical to the developments of our socioeconomic rights. However,… Continue reading Charting a path ahead

What will 2019 bring for our people?

As the year draws to a close, the Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill remains pending review at the National Council of the Provinces. We continue to draw attention to the serious flaws in the bill, which perpetuates many injustices against our peoples that have continued through colonial, apartheid, and current times. For cheap political gain… Continue reading What will 2019 bring for our people?

We reject the Leadership Bill

  The Cobuqua people were dispossessed of our ancestral lands in 1976 under the direction of the Chief Minister of the Transkei, Chief Kaiser Matanzima when the independent state of Transkei was formally established in the pursuit of the Verwoerdian apartheid fallacy of “separate but equal development”. As people whose First Nation status has yet… Continue reading We reject the Leadership Bill

19 June 1913 is not the beginning

Image from President Ramaphosa has said that the government will likely proceed with amending the Constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation to accelerate land redistribution in South Africa, in light of the widespread support that appears to have emerged for such a move in the public consultations of this proposal.  … Continue reading 19 June 1913 is not the beginning

Is there hope for us in the Article 25 debates?

The current land debate in South Africa has particular resonance for Indigenous KhoiSan peoples. We agree that the redistribution of resources in contemporary South Africa is an imperative question. The pace of change since the official end of apartheid has been slow, and it is important that questions around a fairer way of living in… Continue reading Is there hope for us in the Article 25 debates?